Available Now: Our Past and Future Hope

I’m happy to announce that my new book, Our Past and Future Hope: Reintroducing a Traditional Faith-Building Eschatology is now available in paperback, Kindle, and ebook form. It can also be read directly from this website.

My goal with this book is to provide an accessible introduction to the traditional interpretation of biblical prophecy (called historicism). There are other excellent books on this topic that are available, but all of them have different issues in accessibility: they are either very old, very dense and academic, or expensive/out of print.

I’m overjoyed with how God has already used this book. I’ve led a group from my local church through it with great success. Some had no idea there were other venerable interpretations of Revelation besides the currently popular Left Behind variety; others were staunch futurists or partial-preterists, yet became convinced (to their own joyful surprise!) that the historicist interpretation makes much more sense.

Continuing in the spirit of accessibility, I’m going to start working on a Spanish translation of the book, as well as an audiobook of it. I’m going to offer it on every platform I can find, because I want others to rediscover this fantastic and faith-building understanding of prophecy like I did over a decade ago. I’m grateful to excellent scholars like Fred Miller who made his commentary accessible online (even in its clunky and outdated form), and I want to continue his work.

Most of all, I’m grateful to God for leading me to these giants of the past, and letting me stand on their shoulders. My prayer is that you’ll be blessed by Him as you read this book, hearing from the Holy Spirit confirming any truth in it.


Jason Giles

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